For their generosity in providing photographs, memories and encouragement we would like to thank:

Nellie Jordan, Peter and Ursula Fisher, Jay Lemon, Sue and Malcolm Wilkes, Tony Deadman, Harold Aplin, Gordon Badnell, Peter Barker, Patrick and Sonia Bell, Betty Bond, Alan Brant, Muriel Burley, Christine Ellund, Angela Cockman, the Copas family, Revd John Copping, Edward Dixon, Kathleen Emmett, Joan George, Keith Hatch, Fiona Jackson, Elizabeth Runnacles, Grace Shelton, John Shellabear, Eddie Smythe, John Spencer, Kate Swan, Agnes Weatherall, Philip and Dorothy Wilder, Miss A. Wilder, Cookham Dean School, Moor Hall, the Spencer family estate and Maidenhead Library. For help with photographic reproduction we thank Tim Rose of Martin Dawe Photography and Gill Harper.

The authors have tried to find the owners of the original of all photographs used in this book to seek their agreement before including them. However, in some cases this has been impossible to do and we would like to apologise if any have been used without such permission. The book Stanley Spencer by his brother Gilbert can be bought from the Spencer Gallery in Cookham High Street.