A Cookham History

The Common Haywards Branding Irons



(Written by James Hatch)

The Common Hayward's Branding Irons were to the best of my knowledge last held by the late Jim Ricketts in his barn in Cookham Dean. They had not been used for years according to Jim when I last saw him about twelve years ago. These irons were made for the Village Apprentices Trust by again the late Tom Emmett, Blacksmith in his forge in Cookham High Street:
These drawings are from my memory and were flat circular iron plate discs with notches cut in. They had a wrought iron handle of about 18" in length with hoop at the brand end and a hanging loop at the top end. A good place to start would be the Copas Brothers. These irons are valuable village history and should be kept where all can see them.



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