Starting Wednesday 4th February 2015

 Classical Hatha yoga teacher 200 hour USA alliance

Class cost £36 for four weeks or £10 drop in

 Wednesdays 10 - 11.15am

Cores End URC Church Hall

Hawks Hill, Bourne End, SL8 5HZ

(car park at the back)

Contact Janet on 07966 273977 or


My intention for my classes is for students to have the opportunity and the time to look at aspects of their practice in depth and to develop an approach of self-enquiry and self-knowledge. The classes are adaptable and encompass students of all levels of experience and ability. Whilst looking at traditional Hatha Yoga postures and pranayamas I like to encourage fun and freedom within the traditional structure, and above all to enjoy yoga.

 “Movement is the song of the body. This song, if you care to listen to it, is beauty. We sing when we are happy and the body goes with it like waves in the sea”.

Vanda Scaravelli









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