Mask Making Workshop 

and Ceremony to speak on behalf of nature



Saturday 20th May 2017

10.30am - 1.00pm


TICKETS 8 from the Cookham Festival Box Office 

at the Stationery Depot


Adults and children over 9 welcome


What would the natural world say? A chance to share our hopes and fears for the natural world and other species. 

As part of Cookham Festival we are running a creative workshop and ceremony to help people make connections with nature and speak on natures behalf. 

During the workshop and ceremony we will:

Let a nature being choose you
Make a mask to represent that nature being
Speak on behalf of your nature being

A nature being might be an animal, tree, river or any aspect of the natural world that you are personally drawn to. We will make masks to wear, then parade in silence with drumming to Quarry Wood for the nature speaking ceremony (15 minute walk).

Hot and cold drinks and snacks will be available at the hall. This is for adults, plus accompanied children of 9 years and over are welcome. Limited to a maximum of 25 people. All tickets 8 - tickets must be purchased in advance as this is a Cookham Festival event. This will be a very popular event so please secure your ticket as soon as possible. Booking details can be found here - http:// 


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