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The Big Splash



22nd Swimathon at Windsor Leisure Centre on Sunday 14h October 2018

Information Sheet

Entrance Fee
Last year the Leisure Centre introduced a fee to hire the Swimming Pool, this year the fee has doubled, we have reviewed the management of these costs, after careful consideration have decided to charge a 15 entrance fee per team, please note this is the only cost to be applied to each team. 

Gift Aided money will be nominated to Windsor Lions community welfare.


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Adult teams may consist of up to 6 Swimmers.

Junior teams (Under 16 years) may consist of up to 8 swimmers plus a mandatory Adult non-swimming captain.


Parental consent form
A parental consent form has to be completed for all swimmers aged under sixteen on day of the Swimathon.


Swim Times (Sign-in)

We suggest teams arrive at the Leisure Centre 30 minutes before their allocated swim time to allow for team registration, and for swimmers to change into their swim wear.

Each team will start swimming on the hour, at their allocated time, and swim for 55 minutes, leaving 5 minutes for changeovers.



The leisure Centre installed new lockers in early 2017, these require a padlock to secure each locker. Swimmers can either bring their own padlock, or a swimmer can purchase one from Reception for 4. If the swimmer wish to keep this lock for future use they can, or the padlock can be returned to Reception and receive a 3 refund.



We suggest swimmers may want to take a bottle of water into the pool area (no cans or glass bottles on poolside).


Swim Laps

Adult teams should complete (1 Lap = 2 lengths of the pool). There can be arrangements for younger children to be positioned at either end of the pool, they swim 1 length and the return length by another team member, and this will count as a Lap. Laps will only be counted at the end of the pool by the Lane Steward (and indicated on the Lap counter).



Spectators are very welcome there is seated spectator area alongside the pool.


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