Announcing our new Spring Festival

Dear Members,

As part of our efforts to help increasing the public awareness of the wide variety and excellence of what the Arts Community in and around Maidenhead offer, all year round, we have decided to make arrangements to hold a day of Arts and Entertainment in Maidenhead!

This is planned to take place on Saturday 28 April, during the day, when we have arranged to have exclusive use of the amphitheatre area in front of the library in St Ives Road (opposite the Town Hall).

We are therefore writing to all our members, to ask if you would like to be a part of this Spring Festival of the Arts by taking a slot at some time during the day to give a performance or demonstration of what you do, which the public will be able to watch and enjoy.

We have also arranged for a display table in the library and space to exhibit paintings so you can participate whether your group is performing arts or visual arts!

We are anticipating dividing the day into 45 minute slots, starting from 10.00am until the end of the afternoon. We have decided on a 45 minute slot to allow groups some time to set up and to clear up any equipment that they may need to bring with them, and still have 20/30 minutes available to perform or demonstrate (although you might only want to use a shorter time that will be entirely your choice!)

We will be advertising the schedule of appearances in advance in the Maidenhead Advertiser and on our new website, of course. So in order for us to see how many slots will be taken up and so that we can make the necessary arrangements in good time, we are now inviting all members to let us know if you would like to share this opportunity, and if so, please tell us how long you would like to perform and if you have a preference at what time during the day.

Electricity supply is available at the amphitheatre, and we have also arranged some inside space to be made available to us inside the library in case the weather is not helpful (and also for some storage of a limited nature).

This initiative is entirely free to join, and we hope several members will be enthusiastic about bringing their talents and skills to the attention of the public.

If you are interested, in the first instance, please contact our Secretary, Diana le Clercq, at

Kind regards,

Alan Mellins
Chair, Maidenhead Arts Council



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