COOKHAM.COM NEEDS SUPPORT TO KEEP RUNNING needs your help is run by volunteers, but it still costs money to actually keep our community website in existence. We need people to support, for example, some of the interactive areas so that we do not have to have irritating pop up adverts that are not relevant to Cookham and slow you down in looking at the website.  

  • Classified Ads Board: 
10 per month 
  • Guestbook:  
10 per month 
  • Cookham Chat: 
3 per month 

Minimum sponsorship one month

Business starter website pack: 50 per annum (including design and hosting)

A domain name can also be obtained for you or you can buy one yourself from companies such as 

Banner ads (top right of all pages) are 10 for a month including the design if required.

What do I do now?

Additional Information:

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