Gerry Pyves invented the NO HANDS approach to massage after he damaged his wrists, but it is so much more than just massage without use of hands. It is now the fastest growing approach to massage in the UK, combining ancient wisdom and methods in new ways to take massage to a deeper level of effectiveness.


NO HANDS is a really lovely form of massage and I have had very good feedback from recipients. It is quite different to massage as most people know it because for one thing we do not use our hands – only minimally – mostly we use our forearms to apply pressure. Also the movements we use treat the body more as a whole, so that in manipulating the feet for instance, the effects may be felt through the whole body. I have massaged people who have received many different sorts of massage and they have reported that ‘No Hands’ is very different to other massages they have experienced.



Although I am not medically qualified and cannot treat specific ailments, clients have reported that aches and pains have disappeared or have significantly improved, others have reported improved sleep and a feeling of being able to cope with life better. There is a rhythmic quality to the massage and because the forearms are used, there is a larger area of body contact and pressure that uses whole body movements of the practitioner to affect the whole body of the client with each move. This helps those experiencing it to go into a very deep state of relaxation in which the body and mind can access a feeling of deep rejuvenation. NO HANDS Massage works on many levels in a truly holistic way and is gentle, and yet so powerful you will feel the benefits long after the session finishes.



I am an independent practitioner and also a member of the NO HANDS Association, a national regulated body of massage practitioners who have all been personally trained by Gerry Pyves, the inventor of NO HANDS Massage. I have trained over the past two years to Advanced Practitioner level; having previously obtained an ITEC massage certificate (ITEC is the internationally recognised therapy qualification board). Our performance is monitored at a national level for quality through client feedback forms which are sent directly to our main office so they are anonymous.



I am currently working from the Lotus Centre in Bourne End. Please ask me about different price packages - there is a significant reduction per session if multiple sessions are booked. I am keen to make it affordable for people to have this massage on a regular basis as one session is powerful, but the effects are even more powerful and are cumulative if received regularly over time.

Mention Cookham.com and receive a 25% discount on the standard single session price of £40. 

Juliet Pleming  Tel: 07723485549

The Pinder Hall, Lower Road, Cookham, Berkshire