Equitable Life

Trapped Annuitants

supporting the With-Profit annuitants of Equitable Life



An Equitable Assessment of Rights and Wrongs

by Dr Michael Nassim

13.  References, Source Material and Acknowledgements

13.  References, Source Material and Acknowledgements

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The J.I.A. and T.F.A are accessible and downloadable in .pdf format via the Resource Centre button on The Faculty and Institute of Actuaries website, http://www.actuaries.org.uk .  


There is much more useful information available on the following support group websites, which should be visited to see what is available:


Though the plot of this paper would have been lost by diversions into the various legal opinions, the writer has working knowledge of them.  Interested readers will find them most conveniently via the Equitable Members Action Group and Equitable Life Members Support Group websites.


Writing this paper would have been beyond the abilities of any one person had it not been for the patiently accumulated labours and thoughts of many people.  Much of it is on the websites listed above.  The author is happily beholden to them all, and to those whose constant efforts maintain the sites themselves.  Beyond this, he has enjoyed the help and involvement of Michael Josephs, Nicholas Oglethorpe and Peter Scawen in taking this paper through its various drafts.  Its form, quality and content owe much to them.  Despite their best intentions there must be imperfections- but these are the author’s.


 Dr Michael Nassim

12 January 2004