Policyholders are asked to write to their MP at The Commons before Parliament reconvenes to request renewed pressure on the P O to reverse her decision to continue "waiting for Penrose".

ONLY the P O is charged with allocating BLAME, focussing on maladministration and reporting to Parliament.


We're asking Ann Abraham to get on NOW with an investigation of failure of Prudential Regulation in the 1990s  AND, as a reminder of the stark difference in pension prospect for ELAS policyholders in Equitable with MPs own privileged pension, to enclose a clean shirt or T shirt.






Here's an extract from EMAG’S letter to members:


"We'd like you, before New Year, to write a letter to

your MP at the House of Commons, London SW1 0AA. The

letter should ask him or her for HELP by pressing the

Parliamentary Ombudsman to please reconsider and

proceed NOW with an investigation into

'maladministration and failed prudential regulation

throughout the 1990s with a view to Government

compensation' (note the exact wording). 


As a reminder of two years of inactivity, uncertainty

and cuts (during which time MPs have looked after

themselves), please put your letter in a "jiffy bag"

or any strong envelope, AND, to emphasise your own

reduced circumstances - we'd like you to enclose as a

present a clean old shirt (or Tee shirt) - 'the shirt off your back' - as a VERY powerful visual symbol."