Last Updated: Sunday, February 03, 2002 06:03 PM

Request for unit trust accounts

The Comparative Tables of the Financial Services Authority are a disaster! It is not properly explained how the "Charges and deductions" column is calculated. The Tables relate to what the industry calls "packaged products". The units of unit trusts are enclosed in wrappers: ISAs, personal/stakeholder pensions, insurance bonds. Further details can be found on the website www.comparativetables.com.

Dealing costs are missing from the Tables altogether. They can be estimated from portfolio turnover, which can be calculated from accounts. But I only have a few such accounts. Please could you send any unit trust accounts you may have to:

Stephen Wynn,
8 Clarence Gardens,
Brighton BN1 2EG.

In order to avoid duplication, I am listing the unit trusts for which I already have accounts on www.comparativetables.com/el.htm, together with the calculation of portfolio turnover. It is intended to expand this site, in due course, to give the real facts about the products of the financial services industry.