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C.A.S.H. Raises Cash for Hospitals

Christine Callund, from Cookham Village, who runs the charity C.A.S.H., that is responsible for raising money for the provision of hospital equipment for medical and remedial equipment for the NHS hospitals in East Berkshire raised 473 at the Combined Charities Fair in Maidenhead on Saturday. She was even happier when she discovered than in addition she had been given another 1,000 from the Price Philip Trust.  

Christine with her daughter set up for another fundraising day.

Anyone walking through Cookham Village will see Christine selling books and nick nacks to raise money for C.A.S.H. She can also takes the opportunity of going to all the fundraising fairs she can manage and can even be seen at the Cookham Antiques Fair, where her items for sale are much appreciated. Christine said that this year the aim of 39,000 in fundraising should be met. What an achievement.


If anyone has any items that they would like to give Christine that she can sell on to help her fundraising for this fantastic cause contact the Webmaster.

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