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Christmas Fair at the Pinder Hall

16 October 2004

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The annual Christmas Fair run by Christine Callund, from Cookham Village, was on again at the Pinder Hall on the morning of Saturday 16th October.  There were fewer stall holders than usual, but other activities in Cookham such as the Cookham Dean Primary School Jumble Sale and the Big Draw at the Spencer Gallery were also on.  It is amazing that Christmas is now coming up and we should be preparing for it, we have not had our summer yet.


The organiser Christine Callund runs the charity C.A.S.H., that is responsible for raising money for the provision of hospital equipment for medical and remedial equipment for the NHS hospitals in East Berkshire has now established the annual Christmas Fair that she runs at the Pinder Hall will Christmas cards and gifts on sale from several charities. 

The Cookham Society

The National Eczema Society

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MS (Multiple Sclerosis)


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