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The Birchwood Painters Inspired by Spencer

(9 May 2015)

At the end of the Stanley Spencer Gallery Winter Exhibition in March the Gallery had a visit from the Birchwood Painters (who all have cerebral palsy) to look at Spencer's self-portraits. As they were inspired by his works,  Dennis Jeffrey, a Gallery volunteer,  suggested they follow the visit up with a project on self-portraits which would include them taking a photographic portrait of themselves at their home.

The artist in the photographs is Mark Urwin.  The photograph on Mark's table is a Spencer self-portrait.  

The follow-up workshop took place on Wednesday 7 May.  Four of the participants chose to take their portraits in their studio whilst one preferred to use their room because of the wallpaper.  Despite the stress of having a portrait with large camera and lights and the physical difficulties they had to overcome to trigger the camera and lights they all succeeded in taking self-portraits.

Linda's Self Portrait

They have an open exhibition on 6th - 21st June at the Scope Residence in Chesham, Bucks.

Mark Urwin.  He currently has a painting on the Last Supper influenced by Spencer on show at a church in Marleybone.

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