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Christ Preaching at Cookham Regatta

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(4 September 2008)

Last June the Stanley Spencer Gallery were contacted by Kim Allen, a teacher at Comberton Village College in Cambridgeshire. Kim said that she was currently embarking on a large (8 x 20) mural project based on Christ Preaching at Cookham Regatta. As this work was never completed, she felt it would be inspiring to use it as a starting point for a mural. In her experience, she felt that Stanley Spencer is under-used in schools because of the complexity of his compositions and so there was a unique opportunity to do something about it, working with 19 students for a week off timetable.  

There were some changes after the original plans though, In the end they decided to do four panels of 6 x 4 so the complete mural is now 6 x 16, and several of the students who were going to be involved were away that week in the end, so only 14 took part. 

The Unfinished Painting of Christ Preaching at Cookham Regatta in the Spencer Gallery

Just in time for the Cookham Regatta Comberton Village College have their completed version of Christ Preaching at Cookham Regatta. Kim managed to get enough information together to produce the Stanley Spencer mural, which is now displayed outside the sports hall at Comberton Village College. Kim said "We had a fantastic time painting it, (14 students aged 12-13, working with Laura Chaplin, Carol Holburn and Kimberley Allen). It has had a lot of extremely positive feedback, from both staff and students.

The young people decided to write their initials on the hockey sticks, so the artists are acknowledged on the painting itself.  Well done Comberton Village College.

The Finished Painting at Comberton Village College

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