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Count Down to Re-Opening

(30 August 2007)

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The Spencer Gallery which has been closed for nearly a year for a major refurbishment using Lottery funding is nearing completion. During the facelift the paintings were on show in Reading Museum until April 2007 ready for a planned Gallery opening in June. This has now slipped until 8 September and the trustees are keeping their fingers crossed. The old blue doors have gone and the entrance is now with smart glass doors. There was a problem in that there was too much light going into the Gallery which could have affected the paintings.

The inside is totally transformed and is very twenty first century. The windows are now double glazed and have been faithfully reproduced from the originals.

There is a mezzanine floor giving the Gallery a great deal more space to display paintings and making good use of the high ceiling space. The is even a lift up to the mezzanine floor.

There is a very smart toilet, a separate area for making coffee and an extremely complicated area for storing the equipment that controls the environment and ensures the humidity and temperature is kept at a level that will not harm the paintings. There is special under floor heating with very modern looking vents in the floor and the lighting can be dimmed and adjusted. 

The private launch is planned for the 28th September, so all the paintings should be in place by then and the refurbished Gallery should be a credit to the village.

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