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Save Cookham Dean Post Office

(13 February 2009)

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Over the last few months there has been a cloud hanging over Cookham Dean Post Office, as the owner is planning to ask the Post Office to either find different premises or to close down in Cookham Dean. Several alternative venues have been suggested, but none has yet been found. 

Pressure has been increased in that the owner, who is in Australia, would like the Post Office to move as soon as possible. On Thursday 12 February a Post Office representative, Stewart Swabey, came to visit the post mistress, Satpal, and was astounded to find that over thirty residents were also there.

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Pat Woodbridge, chairman of the Parish Council talks to the Post Office representative.

Elizabeth Runnacles from Hockett Lane addressed everyone and introduced Stewart, the Post Office representative, who then went on to explain the situation. He said that they would like to find somewhere to have a Post Office rather than have a mobile unit. He said that they could be housed in a small area and that the equipment could be carried there by the Post Office worker rather than having them permanently installed. He said that Village Halls, Pubs and church vestries have been used around the country.
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Elizabeth Runnacles introduces the Post Office representative

The Post Office was packed and Satpal, the Post Mistress, had even supplied tea and coffee with biscuits for everyone.
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Everyone gathers in the Post Office

It was decided that a steering committee should be set up to include some of the representatives of various possible venues being on it. They would look at the possibility of various places for the Post Office and see what was wanted by the residents.
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Elizabeth Runnacles signs up Nicola Roberts, of the Cookham Dean Village Hall, as a committee member.

There being no time like the present, the committee gathered together in the Post Office for their first meeting.
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Committee members, Borough Councillor, Robert Mandeville, Elizabeth Runnacles and Alan Jay representing the owners of the Jolly Farmer.

The Maidenhead Advertiser were there in force and everyone went outside for a photo shoot, with their cups of tea.
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The Maidenhead Advertiser organise a photo shoot

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