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Cookham Dean Post Office-Now Open

(11 August 2009)

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It seems a long time ago since the 12th February 2009, the day that Cookham Dean Post Office Stores closed its doors and Post Office area manager Stewart Swabey came to visit the post mistress, Satpal, and was astounded to find that over thirty residents were also there. Stewart and the Post Office agreed that if another venue could be found in Cookham Dean a Post Office could continue. Elizabeth Runnacles who had gathered everyone together, organised a Post Office Committee and Richard Campin agreed to be chairman. After an enormous amount of work a venue was found, the Jolly Farmer pub, and then after even more hard work the day of a new Post Office in Cookham Dean arrived, Tuesday 11 August 2009. The sun was out, the band was playing and Laura who runs the Jolly Farmer had prepared a fantastic spread for everyone along with doing a roaring trade in drinks. After all his effort Stewart Swabey was unable to come due to a bad back.

The New Post Office at the Jolly Farmer

There was a huge gathering of people and everyone took the opportunity of a quick chat and a glass of something.

The Crowds Gather

The Fabulous Shirtlifters played for the crowd that had gathered and even had a special Cookham Dean Post Office song for the occasion. 


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openin11.jpg (52139 bytes)

Hey Hey It's the Shirtlifters

Richard Campin thanked all those involved who had made it happen, of which there were many and then asked Tim Brooke-Taylor to officially cut the ribbon. It was then time to open the champagne.

openin12.jpg (47708 bytes)      

Richard Campin

Tim Brooke-Taylor

Post Office Liz and Publican Laura

To mark the occasion a special first day cover had been printed which was only available on the day and the number available was only thirty six and they disappeared very quickly.

The First Day Cover signed by Tim Brooke-Taylor!

Many cameras were there with Meridian news and all the local papers. It all goes to show what a community can do when they get together.

Elizabeth Runnacles and Tim Brooke-Taylor


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