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Elizabeth House Gallery Opening

(with thanks to Mike Copland, Gail Dorrington and Lynda Mallett)

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(1 November 20098)

After the many new activities taking place at Elizabeth House since the refurbishment, on Saturday 31st October a Gallery containing paintings by local artists was launched. Artists will be able to display their paintings and they will be available for sale. Anyone will be able to look at the paintings on display between 9.30am and 11.30am on weekdays and 10am to 4pm on Sundays.

Local artist Juliet Palmer with her photographer husband Dennis

Elizabeth House voilunteer Andrea Mortimer (right) with artist Gail Dorrington.  Gail has a solo exhibition at the gallery in December

Lynda Mallett and Richard James cuddle up for the camera

(l to r) Obviously discussing an important artistic issue: Malcolm Stork, Richard James and Timmy Mallett

Jean and Michael Johnson with Jack Hayden

Jack Hayden with Julie Cobden with two of Julie’s paintings

Marianne and Malcolm Stork made one of the first purchases, with the work by Mandy McAllen

Catie and John Southgate with (centre) Andy de Mille

Mandy McAllen, the exhibition organiser, (left) with Elizabeth House president Wendy Craig

Two of the artists with works on show – Fiona Cradduck (left) and Pat Shenstone

All artists together – (l to r) Gill Harper, Sarah Luton and Fiona Cradduck

(l to r) Elizabeth House trustee Val Eckett enjoys a joke with artist Sarah Luton

(l to r) Mike Copland, one of the instigators of the Exhibition with Malcolm Stork

(l to r) Timmy Mallett with Michael Johnson

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