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Goodbye Jill, Hallo Miriam and Janice

(with thanks to Stephanie Diggon)

(5 September 2015)

Jill Morris

Friends , members and wellwishers gathered at Elizabeth House in August to bid a very fond farewell to Jill Morris who has been a volunteer, supporter, trustee and deputy manager during her long association with Cookham’s day centre.  

Chairman of the trustees Glenn Maybury thanked Jill for her wonderful contribution and presented her with flowers and gifts from her friends and colleagues at Elizabeth House. 

Passionate about music and theatre, Jill started the Theatre Club six years ago, offering members the opportunity to see between six and eight performances a year shows a year locally and in the West End, most recently Oklahoma at Wycombe Swan. 

“Elizabeth House has been a big part of my life, for 15 years and I shall so miss the wonderful members, camaraderie and fun we have shared during this time”, she said.  “But I hope to return to cover staff absences as it’s an impossible place to leave for ever!”  

Miriam Blazey

Members, staff and volunteers have warmly welcomed manager Miriam Blazey and administrator Janice Partridge to Cookham’s much loved day centre for the over 60s.

They were recruited because deputy manager Jill Morris was leaving and manager Lynne Hatch wished to spend more time with her family.    

Accordingly, Miriam now manages the centre, working from the reception desk Wednesday to Friday 9am to 3.30pm and Lynne works Monday and Tuesday 9am to 3.30pm.  In the office upstairs,  Janice works Tuesday to Thursday 9am to noon.    

Janice Partridge

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