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(26 July 2001)

Plans to create an advisory service for members of Elizabeth House are under way.  The intention is to help members with queries and problems they may encounter such as form filling, handling tax returns, putting in applications for grants or just needing a bit of advice.


“We are aware that there is a real need for this.  Some of our members find that dealing with the various authorities can be very confusing and we’d like to be able to help out”, said Reg Willsher, Elizabeth House chairman.  “We are not setting out to be a Citizen’s Advice Bureau.  The help we give is likely to be fairly basic and practical, before it becomes necessary to seek help from organisations like the CAB.”


Mr Willsher explained that the viability of the scheme depends on having enough of the right people to provide the help.  “We are sure that there are people in our community who have a little time to spare for this and have the right experience.  They may be older people, perhaps even with experience with the Citizens Advice Bureau or they could be young mothers with professional experience and expertise. We’d be providing a valuable service in giving help and reassurance and it only needs a small amount of time from some volunteers.”


If you think you might be able to help, or can suggest someone who can, please contact Reg Willsher on 01628 520461.




Reg Willsher, chairman   01628 520461
Liz Dye, Elizabeth House manager  01628 527621
Mike Copland, publicity     01628 630375


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