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Pensions, Pensions, Pensions


(5 February 2005)


Cookham had a visitor this week from Washington in the United States, Kathy Schalch, who works for NPR (National Public Radio) a similar organisation to our BBC. Kathy is looking at the possible impact of President Bush's plan to privatising American pensions.  President Bush mentioned this is his state of the Union address on Wednesday 2nd February 2005.  It is being heavily criticised by the British press where we have seen the effect of private pension collapses.

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Kathy talks to Arthur at Elizabeth House about pension problems

Kathy visited Elizabeth House to talk to some of the people there about any pension problems that they had encountered.  It was agreed that everyone had been affected by the pension problems in this country, although the people who really will be affected will be the younger generation. Kathy also had a brief talk with Liz Kwantes who helps co-ordinate the action groups for Equitable Life, where over one million people have had huge cuts in their pension funds.

Kathy stayed at Spencers and was able to visit Holy Trinity. She could not believe that it dated back to the 12th century as she said "there are no buildings in the United States that can make that sort of claim".

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