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Community Consultation

(2 July 2008)


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On Tuesday 1 July residents from the six rural areas in the the Royal Borough area were given the opportunity of deciding which things worried them most. This is the second year for asking for deciding on the three main priorities that should be concentrated upon, last year the three items were Speeding, Parking and Burglary. The items did not have to relate to crime for which the police are responsible, but to find the three main quality of life issues that the Neighbourhood Action Group can get together with its partners to problem solve.

PC de Haan Discusses an Item with an Atendee

The evening was run by PC Val de Haan with three police colleagues and Jeff Pick who organises the Neighbourhood Watch in the area. 

Our PCSOs 

There six rural regions who had been invited, unfortunately the attendance was low and consisted mainly of people from Cookham and Waltham St Lawrence. It was suggested that perhaps a questionnaire on the Royal Borough website might be a good way of finding the items that worried people most, as the results from so few people may be skewed. 

Jeff Pick Who Updates Us on Neighbourhood Watch and Crime in the Area

Ten main items were chosen which were:


School Parking


Identity Theft

Cycling on pavements


Anti Social Behaviour

Car Crime

Fly Tipping

Dog Bites

Every attendee was given three post it notes in red (pink), amber (Yellow) and green and asked to stick them up against each of their three top concerns which had been displayed around the wall. The pink had three points, yellow 2 and green 1 point. The top concern at a glance appeared to be speeding. There is a poll on the discussion board for anyone who missed the meeting.


Jeff Pick who runs Neighbourhood Watch also stressed how important it was that anyone who saw anything suspicious should phone 0845 8 505 505 at any time, as the local community could then act as the eyes of the police and possibly alert them to any crime that might possibly happen in their area. PC Val de Haan reiterated how important this number was and how people should not be afraid to use it.

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