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Budgens On Fire


7 August 2007


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(With thanks to Bob McLachlan)

Yesterday night 6 August, Budgens at Furze Platt caught fire around 11.15pm. It appeared to start in the upper area of the building. The firemen thought that the upper floor was flats and that there were people there but luckily it was offices and storage. The fire was contained and did not run into the flats above the other shops next to Budgens. 


Bob McLachlan who took the photos said "It looked like the top floor was totally destroyed so I assume the whole building is a total loss. I had been telling the management there for years that their fire management was poor. They kept covering up the fire extinguishers at the front of the shop with display items and delivery goods and the fire exit at the front of the shop was often blocked from the outside by the trolley rack. In the last couple of months I gave up telling them. It comes as no surprise that there has been a fire. I trust no one was hurt there but a lot of people will now be out of work. I bet Sainsburys will put on a bus!"


Many people from Cookham use this store as it is convenient for residents and has good parking. 

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Fire Engines Gather

Car Park is Cordoned Off

fire.h44.jpg (14596 bytes)

Flames Can be Seen in the Upper Floor

Flames from the Roof

Residents Watch the Flames

The Damage in Daylight

Firemen Assess the Damage

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