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The Future for Rhonda and Sam

(22 July 2005)

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18 years ago Rhonda and Sam came to Cookham Dean with the idea that of running a small village business for a few years before moving on to something else. 


They never even contemplated the fact that they would become part of a community where customers were also friends and those people would offer the use of their freezers in an emergency and where the whole village would contribute and celebrate our Silver Wedding.


But sadly it cannot go on forever. 


Sam can’t keep getting up at 04.30, 364 days a year and Rhonda can’t keep doing VAT returns, account and orders 7 days a week until the small hours and still try to join in village life.


So soon – not sure when but soon – they will be retiring.  They don’t know what to exactly or even where.  It depends on what happens to the shop – if anyone else wants to buy it for example and keep it running.  Small village stores are, no longer, a route to economic security as they once were unfortunately.


So to the readers of, Rhonda and Sam wanted you all to know how they are thinking and to pick on the substantial combined intellectual resource of the village.

The big question is ‘how do they make a graceful exit whilst ensuring that Cookham Dean continues to have its village stores and Post Office?’


Suggestions and ideas over the next few months are most welcome to

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