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Spring cycle ride!

5 April 2004

(With thanks to Timmy and Lynda Mallett)

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Palm Sunday 4 April 2004, 30 adults and kids set off from Cookham Station in the bright sunshine for a great family cycling adventure...

We're Off

Up Bradcutts lane (anyone who pedals up it without getting off gets a chocolate bar!) and over Winter Hill where the day old lambs were on show....Ah!

 Mind the Lambs

Down Gibraltar lane and through the woods we stopped for a picnic by the river. The ride took us through Bisham and the weird tunnel at  Temple. When we got to Hurley the heavens opened! Talk about an April shower!!!! We were drenched - and came out laughing and loving it! Especially going through the puddles to see who could get any wetter or muddier!

Mud, mud glorious mud

At Temple lock in bright sunshine we dried out, had coffee, tea and ice creams and then peddled along into Marlow; then we found the back roads to the footpath though the woods that lead to Little Marlow. It's a pretty ride past the fountain by the new hotel, and there was plenty of puddles for the kids to splash through!
(On other days we found deer and foxes in the fields here) 

Water, water Everywhere

But the day had one more treat for us....a tremendous downpour, squall and hail as we crossed Bourne End bridge - everyone came home drenched, delighted and ready for the next one!

 April Showers

When's the next bike ride?

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