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New Year Cycling 

(1 January 2004)


with thanks to Timmy Mallett


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2004 began in fit and fine style with around a dozen or so cyclists of all ages seeing in the New Year with a family fun ride. We started at Cookham Station, struggled over that silly gate on Lightlands Lane (When is Summerlease going to put in a a proper bike gate???!) and on past the hippo to the new Jubilee River. We stopped for a glorious pub lunch at the Hind Hotel in Bray and came back through Braywick, and the Green Way. It was far too muddy at the Cookham end near the Moor Hall but we hosed our bikes down and celebrated the 15 miles easy ride with mulled wine, coffee, and board games! A brilliant way to see in the year. Ready for another one?????

We are not going by train

Young Max

See how you need mud guards on your bike! Young Max's back and face were a picture!

What's this? Punctures!!

Yes, Roger of Cookham Cycles and Alan Day both got punctures and we enjoyed watching them trying to work out how to fix em!

The Hinds Head, Bray

Rodney negotiates a style

Rodney was our saviour! He had the tools and the brightest jacket!

Look no bike

I didn't know there were hippos in Berkshire

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