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Cookham Tavern Under New Management

(19 May 2001)

Marilyn Rothwell, who has made the Cookham Tavern a favourite spot in Cookham, particular with the regular jazz evenings, has decided to give it all up and have some time off, while she settles down in her bungalow in Cookham Dean. 

Mr Ahmed will be the new licensee of the Cookham Tavern and refurbishment is starting very soon. This should take a few weeks. There will only be one bar at the main entrance to the building and the other bar area will be converted into a restaurant. It is rumoured that the cuisine will be eclectic, although a touch of Indian would be appreciated by local residents. Some are hoping for Italian cuisine, perhaps they should cross their fingers and hope. Everyone will have to wait for the grand opening to find out however. 

Good luck to Mr Ahmed.

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