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Pig Roast at the Jolly Farmer


9 July 2007

(With thanks to Laura Duffy )


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For one night only, ‘The Bay Tree’ in Cookham High Street, had a spell cast over it, for it was Halloween – when ghosts and ghouls go bump in the night … and this little bunch of ghosts and ghouls just wanted to party, party, party …  Even Marlow the Bear wanted to go to the Party – here he is all set and ready to go, but sadly the witches’ hat was already spoken for.

Adults were turned into witches, wizards, Count Dracula (who was fully equipped with an evil laugh, courtesy of a battery operated machine which fascinated the children) and a devil (yes Dave the Window Cleaner I mean you!) and children were no longer angelic little darlings, but spider-loving, broomstick-yielding, scary witches, cats and fairies.

The Head Witch Priscilla even travelled all the way from Salem, the capital of ghostly gatherings in the USA – boy, were there sparks on her broomstick when she landed!

(The Head Witch Priscilla and my Mum?!)

Inside The Bay Tree was beautifully decorated like a grotto, glowing pumpkins, skeletons, a skull ( do we know the owner?) and big black spiders (puts shivers down your spine) were adorned everywhere

(My Mum getting to grips with a skeleton – we don’t see many of those around Newcastle!)

There was a fantastic choice on the 4 course menu, ranging from pixie stuffed toadstools to steam-rollered warlock and stewed elves to poisoned witches fruit. 

This is one night we would not have missed for the world and very well worth the 590 mile round trip to be there!  Everybody had such a lot of fun and new friendships were struck, weren’t they Priscilla!

(My Mum, Head Witch Priscilla, and Lovely Lady Linda from the Newcastle Delegation of Good Witches)

The evening ended with some hilarious games, such as trying to bite an apple on a string with your hands behind your back (thanks Liz for telling me the trick was to push it next to the wall first!) …

(Liz from The Bay Tree, with three young friends)

and finding sweets, but what they don’t tell you is they’re submerged in a bowl of flour! – the children proved very successful with this game, although I did see some little hands dive in to assist at times!

(On your marks, dive in!)

(Good Heavens, is that really Sophie?!)

(Contemplating - shall I have another go then?!)

A great night was had by all at the Party.

A huge huge thank you to everyone at ‘The Bay Tree’ for making it such a wonderful night to remember.

We hope everyone likes our account of the Halloween Party and enjoys the photographs, as much as I enjoyed taking them.    Thanks Liz for inviting us to the Party, you’re a gem and we love you very much.  Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, all the very best for 2005 and we’ll see you next April, if not before!

Linda and Verna Dobson

Seaton Delaval

Whitley Bay

Tyne and Wear (Near Newcastle)

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