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Open at Last

10th March 2007

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Thursday 8th March 2007 the King's Arms had their Launch Party to celebrate the refurbishment of the 17th century inn. The company, Mitchells and Butler, who now own the King's Arms have done a wonderful job in mixing the old and the new. The designer they used is well known for his design ability for pubs and restaurants and has won awards.




There was a very relaxed feeling to the new look Kings Arms and there were several separate 'rooms' to sit all with the slightly different emphasis. Simon the manager, who has come from Pauls in London, said that they planned to use one of the front rooms for people who did not necessarily wish to eat. This room had bright red sofas which gave it a very warm and comfortable feel. 




There is a large, modern bar, where wine is available from the cask. There is also a beautifully designed kitchen. The chef has also come from Pauls so he and Simon were already colleagues. 





In warmer weather the garden can also be used which includes a raised covered deck. It is also planned to have live music and the possibility of having a raised area for performers is also being considered.


There is an excellent, reasonably priced menu and in addition daily specials, with lots of fresh ideas not forgetting tasty vegetarian dishes. Earlier in the week there had been staff training and some Cookham residents had taken advantage of a free main course while the logistics of running the new facility were sorted out.


It looks like the new look Kings Arms will be a welcome addition to Cookham.

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