Public Consultation

August 2000

A Planning Application has now been submitted by the Royal Borough to build a car park on Marsh Meadow. Below is a consultation document that has been distributed to people living in Cookham Village for their comments. 


The Royal Borough have asked us to let you know that you can obtain a hard copy of the document from 


Kid-2-Kid, High Street
Countrystore, Cookham Rise
Post Office Lower Road
Post Office Cookham Dean
Cookham Library
Parish Council Office, Elizabeth House

or by calling Sue Williams at the Royal Borough on
01628 796170 (

Please feel free to make your comments on the Chat or Discussion Forums.  The Parish Council may even take a look at them.  If you wish to write to the Borough Council regarding the Planning Application, send your letter to:

Roger Tuffley, Director Planning and Environment, RBWM, St Ives Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 1RF  E-Mail


NB Unfortunately the actual maps of the proposed parking changes cannot be reproduced on our website as they are Crown copyright. 


Planning Application for Car Park Supporting Statement


Our Aims

Our aims are to enhance the appearance of Cookham Moor and to improve on-and off-street parking provision for residents, businesses and visitors. Two important aspects of the revised package are the reduction in the capacity of the car park from 162 to 90 spaces, and the proposal to introduce residents parking in the High Street and School Lane if the car park goes ahead.

The packages main elements are: 

  • car park relocated to Marsh Meadow for use by long-stay shoppers, workers and visitors

  • existing car park removed and the site returned to its natural state 

  • on-street parking for residents and short-stay shoppers and visitors

  • Sutton Road car park to be better managed to make the best use the space available for short-stay parking 

On-Street Parking 

Long-stay shopper, workers and visitors will be encouraged to use the new car park, freeing up on-street parking for residents and short-stay shoppers during the day. To achieve residents' parking and one hour limited waiting bays would operate during the day, 8am-6pm Monday to Saturday. Details are shown on the plan. 

How Residents' Parking Works 
There are basically two types of  residents, parking: 

1) Exclusive bays that can be used only by resident permit holders during the day. 

2) Shared bays where other drivers can also park during the day for a maximum of one hour. No time limit applies for residents who have permits. 

Exclusive bays would be provided in School Lane. In High Street either type of bay could be provided. In either case,  the restrictions would only apply 8am-6pm Monday to Saturday. 

Option One would provide exclusive bays and one-hour limited waiting bays in High Street, while Option Two would provide shared bays. The area between the War Memorial and The Maltings could either be used for residents parking or be completely closed to vehicles. 

Parking permits would be available for a12 month period to residents who use a vehicle and live within the designated zone shown on the plan  up to a maximum of two permits per property. The number of permits depends on the number of off-street parking spaces you have: 

  • Properties with two or more off-street spaces would not be entitled to permits 

  • Properties with one off-street space - one permit 

  • Properties with no off-street parking - two permits annual charge NB - An annual charge (currently 5.00) would be made for each permit to cover administration costs. Unfortunately because of the demand for parking the permit would not guarantee you a space.

Disabled Badge Holders 

Normal exemptions for disabled badge holders would operate i.e. a maximum three hour stay on single and double yellow lines (except where loading prohibitions apply) in accordance with the national scheme. Disabled badges would not be valid in exclusive residents parking bays unless a residents permit was also held, but would be valid in shared bays. Existing disabled bays in High Street would be retained. 

Loading and unloading would be allowed on yellow lines or in restricted parking areas (except disabled bays). The exemption for loading applies only while actual loading/unloading is taking place. 

Enforcement and Penalties 
Thames Valley Police would be responsi1e for enforcing the proposed parking regulations. Drivers parking incorrectly would be liable to a Fixed Penalty Notice. 

Access Protection 
A solid white line would be placed over private drives and accesses to prevent obstruction by parked vehicles. The owner of any vehicle parked on these markings could be prosecuted for obstruction. 

Marsh Meadow Car Park 

The main features of the revised car park proposals are: 

  • 90 spaces, including six disabled bays 

  • Easy access on foot to the village and to the river 

  • Rural appearance, including gravel surface, timber fences 
    and extensive planting 

  • Low-key lighting to allow evening use 

  • single-track access with passing place to reduce the road 
    width necessary on the Moor 

  • Possible future provision of CCTV to enhance security 

  • Existing car park removed and the site landscaped

The Council has submitted a planning application for the car park. The full plans can be viewed at 

Aston House, York Road, Maidenhead (telephone 01628 798888) 


Cookham Parish Council, Elizabeth House, Station Hill, Cookham Rise (telephone 01628 522003). 

Opening times Monday-Friday 9.30am-12.30pm Monday evening 6.00-7.15pm 

Click here if you wish to fill in the questionnaire

Please give us your views by completing the questionnaire 
and returning it to us by 1st September 2000 
Commenting on the Marsh Meadow car park planning application. Comments should be addressed to 
Development Control Manager (North) 

Aston House 
York Road 
Maidenhead SL61PS 

For further information about the proposals shown in this leaflet please contact Sue Williams or Chris Wheeler on 01628 796170.

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