1. What is your main reason for parking in the village? (Please tick one box)



2. How many cars are used by your household or employees?

3. Where do you usually park? (Please tick one box)

Public car park

Private car park

On street

Private residence

4. Do you support the parking package set out in this leaflet?



Don't Know

5. If yes to Q4 which type of Residents Parking do you support for High Street? 


            Option One - exclusive

            Option Two - shared


6. Which use do you support for the area between the War Memorial and The Maltings?


            Residents' Parking

            Closed to vehicles

            Don't know

7. We welcome any further comments in the space below:


Please complete and return this form by 1st September 2000
Unfortunately it will not be possible to respond to each reply but all your comments will be considered before any decision is made.
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