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High Street Closed for Christmas Shopping

Sunday 11th December 2005

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       Cookham Tandoori      


The shops of Cookham Village were again open on Sunday afternoon 11 December for their special Christmas Charity afternoon to help raise money for local good causes. Jayne from Seconds Out in the High Street had yet again done an amazing job at organising the afternoon with help from many, many people in the village.   


Alison and the Chestnuts     Lynda Mallett


It was a freezing cold day, but there was lots to eat, hot chestnuts were on sale, the 1st Cookham Scouts had a barbecue and there was mulled wine and mince pies at the Bay Tree from Delizioso, Manzano's were selling a tasty paella and cold meats, Maliks had various Indian foods and so did the Cookham Tandoori. 




Cookham Summer FM were there doing VOX Pops with anyone who happened to pass by. Cookham will have its own radio station from 12 June until 9 July at the railway station. There was lots of interest and people said they would tune in and even take part and run a programme.


There were raffles and tombolas and music from the Zephyr Band who took up Barnside Garage's forecourt. There was a bit of excitement in the middle of the afternoon when the fire brigade was called out to out out a bonfire caused by the barbecue.  It was out in a very short time.



There was lots of things for the children with face painting, rides and a steam train. A shooting range was very popular and also large plastic hammers were on sale which meant that there were several hammer fights. 

  Zephyr Band                   Steam Train      


Father Christmas was there although he was noticed making a bee line for the Kings Arms. All in all it was a fantastic afternoon and it was enjoyed by young and old plus a few dogs. Well done to all those who gave everyone such a good time.

Father Christmas

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