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Cookham Churches meet together on the Moor

(22 June 2008) 

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The crowds stream in to the marquee on the Moor.

Sunday Morning around 300 people packed into the marquee on the Moor for a joint service of all the Cookham churches to celebrate the  successful completion of the Kedida project.




The choir of children from the 3 primary schools led some spirited singing!


It was an extraordinary service with contributions from all the churches and some wonderful singing from a choir made up of pupils for the three Cookham primary schools. The Marquee was full to overflowing with a wide range of ages and  showed off Cookham at its best. Seeing so many people come together to share in a social event, celebrate their spirituality, and hear how their fund raising had transformed the lives of over 60,000 people in Ethiopia was a moment to be savoured


Matthew Reed of Oxfam spoke about the effect of Cookham's ability to raise 25,000. "With the EU matching Cookham's commitment, it meant that 25,000 was turned into 100,000 to bring clean water, sanitation and a chance for 60,000 people - the equivalent of the population of Maidenhad and much of the borough, to take control of their own destiny in East Africa. Cookham's fund raising also meant nearly half a million trees have been planted and with the effect of a global squeeze on food supplies, this fund raising meant that these people have a chance - the children to go to school and the adults to become self sufficient in their own crop growing instead of spending much of each day trudging with heavy containers of water. Cookham be proud of your achievements and remember that small efforts here can have huge impact on the lives of others...."  


Outside while their parents joined in the service some kids played a spiritual game of football!

 It was really special to see so many Cookham families come together like this.

Never seen so many cars on the moor!

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