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Holy Trinity Music Night

(3 June 2006)

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Youngsters from Cookham took part in a special service of thanksgiving for the gift of Music on Sunday July 2nd.
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Jack Wood Abigail Leone Amy Foote Tiffany Beard Tiffany Beard
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Caroline Phillips Josh Rollett Ben Rollett Megan Salsbury Theo Smith
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Mikey Davis Theo Smith Georgina Davis Lizzie Davis Abigail Leone
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Thomas Brockwell Thomas Brockwell Connor Garnett-Comerford Charlotte Child & Amarantha Fennell-Wells Sophie Foote
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Billy Mallett ------------------------------All of the performers-----------------------------------
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Lizzie Davis Michael Cousins Duncan Peddie Benjamin Leone Theo Smith
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Georgina Davis Laura Twomey Sophie Foote
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Megan Sharples Toby Bateman Josh Rollett Mikey Davis Hannah Chamberlain

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