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Stations of the Cross 2013

With thanks to Paul Randolph at the Stationery Depot

(2 April 2013)

For many years  local Cookham artists and school children have been invited to paint or create images which tell the story of Christ’s walk through the streets of Jerusalem to Golgatha. This year local photographers were invited to take pictures which depict the various parts of the story of the Stations of the Cross. The walk started at St John the Baptist on Good Friday morning and then from St Elisabeth's in Lower Road through Cookham Rise, the Pound, Cookham Village and finishing at Holy Trinity Church.

1. Outside St John the Baptist Church, Cookham Dean 


Photo montage Stanislow Sowa and Ana -Lee Smith


Jesus is condemned to death

2 – Whyteladyes Lane, opposite the Cricket Club 

Photo montage Mandy Mc Allen

Jesus receives his cross

3 - Outside St Elizabeths R C Church

Photograph Melanie Gow

Jesus falls under the weight of the cross

4 – Outside The Methodist Church, Cookham Rise

Photograph Gail Dorrington

Jesus meets his Mother

5 - In the window of The Stationery Depot

Photomontage Andrew Thomas

Simon, seeing Jesus, helps to carry his cross

6 - On the grass verge opposite the Nursery School

Photograph Richard Poad

Veronica Wipes the face of Jesus

7 – On The Moor near the Pound

Photograph Melanie Gow

Jesus is nailed to the cross


8. On the Moor near the War Memorial

Photograph Nick Kennedy and Mary Evans

Jesus dies on the cross 


9. Outside Holy Trinity Church


Photograph Colin Pilling and Gail Dorrington


Jesus is taken down from the cross - Mark 15v42-47




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