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Stations of the Cross 2012

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(6 April 2012)

Ten paintings depicting the Crucifixion can be seen at various points in the Cookhams

1. Cookham Dean Church

Jesus is Condemned to Death - Painted by Lesley Aston

2. Whyteladyes Lane

Jesus Receives His Cross - by Mike Copland

3.  St Elizabeth's Catholic Church

Jesus Falls Under the Weight of the Cross by Louise Wood

4. the Methodist Church

Jesus Meets His Mother - by Mandy McAllen

5. the Stationary Depot

Simon Seeing Jesus Helps to Carry the Cross by Tess Marsh

6. The Pound Roundabout Maidenhead Road

Veronica Wipes Jesus' Face by Pamela Kennedy

7. the Causeway 

Jesus is Nailed to the Cross Painted by Ted Harris

8. the War Memorial

Jesus Dies on the Cross - by Holy Trinity School

9. The Stanley Spencer Gallery

Chris Carrying the Cross Down Cookham High Street - by Sir Stanley Spencer

10. Holy Trinity Churchyard

Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross - by Gail Dorrington




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