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Stations of the Cross 2014

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(20 April 2014)

Nine paintings depicting the Crucifixion with a background of the horrors of the First World War can be seen at various points in the Cookhams

1. Cookham Dean Church

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Jesus is Condemned to Death - Painted by Louise Wood

2. Whyteladyes Lane

Jesus Carries His Cross - by Carol Conrad

3.  St Elizabeth's Catholic Church

Jesus Falls Under the Weight of the Cross - Nick Kennedy

4. the Methodist Church

Simon Helps to Carry the Cross - Nancy Ovstedal

5. the Stationary Depot

Veronica Wipes Jesus; Face - Kay Lamb

6. The Pound Roundabout Maidenhead Road

Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem - Gail Dorrington

7. the Causeway 

Jesus is Nailed to the Cross - Andy de Mille

8. the War Memorial

Jesus Dies on the Cross - Michael Johnson

9. Holy Trinity Churchyard

Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross - Satu Vartiainan

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