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Trade Justice


(28th September 2004)

With thanks to Dave Walker

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On Sunday 26th September a group from Holy Trinity Church set off for the 'Trade Justice' event in Brighton. Trade Justice means  making international trade work for the poor so they have a chance to work their way out of poverty. 

Fr. Michael and Gilly are seen here with our banner outside the Parish Centre.

We hired a coach for the day and 45 of us set off for Brighton.

Arriving in Brighton the campaigners set off along the Promenade to join the rally with music, dancing and international speakers.

Dave Walker painted the banner - fortunately it didn't rain so the paint stayed put and we stayed dry!

An enthusiastic banner carrier.

Young demonstrators banging their pots and pans together.

We marched along the seafront to the Brighton Centre where the Labour party conference was taking place.

Cookhamites making a HUGE noise for Trade Justice outside the Brighton Centre.


More pictures and information can be found on the Benefice of the Cookhams website, . If you'd like to find out more about the Trade Justice campaign see this page. ( )

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