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Methodist Church Celebrate their Centenary in Flowers
17 July 2005)
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Cookham Rise Methodist Church was a mass of flowers over the weekend of 15 to 18 July for the Celebration in Flowers Festival to celebrate the centenary of the building of the church in Cookham Rise.  The previous Methodist Church was in Cookham Village, which now houses the Stanley Spencer Gallery. Part of the altar display had a painting which had been donated by the Spencer Gallery to the Methodist Church to commemorate the Centenary.  Dick Hurley the Chairman of the Spencer Gallery had given the limited edition print of one of Spencer's Christ in the Wilderness series, 'Rising from Sleep in the Morning' (1940). 

There were twenty different arrangements in all and the smell filled the church. With the music playing in the background it was a very tranquil place to visit.  Tea and home made cakes were available. It all made the visit an extremely pleasant one. 


sponsored by Woodlands Park Methodist Church


arranged by Angela Fechner - St Elizabeth's Catholic Church, Cookham Rise

Circle of Friends

Rainbow Pre-School


Garden Party

arranged by Marion Elly - St John the Baptist Church, Cookham Dean


Arrangement by Chris Felden, Holy Trinity Chruch, Cookham


Rainbow Guides

Sporting Achievement

Sunday Club

The Word 

Church Members

100 Years

Church Members

Ministers and Local Preachers

Church Members


Arrangement by Hazel Collins


Arrangement by Claire Ford - Mothers and Toddlers Group


Arrangement by Connie Jeffery and Kathy Rickman


Arrangement by Jacqueline Jeffery - High Street Methodist Church

Holy Spirit

Arrangement by Linda Shoesmith

Research & Caring

Marion Harris and Marion Gurney


Sponsored by St Marks Catholic Church

Tea Time






Pew End Decorations

Arrangements by Brenda Boothman, Hazel Collins and Members of the Ladies Circle

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