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St John the Baptist - Flower Festival
6 June 2004)
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St John the Baptist revived its Flower Festival after a year away. The last being in 2002. The theme was Our Village, with some magnificent arrangements by some very talented peope, with thirty village themes sponsored by various people and organisations in the Cookham area.

The Flower Festival Committee was led by Brenda Copas, who is well known for her flower arranging abilities.




Pew Ends

arranged by Maureen Reid and Joan Burgin sponsored by R&P Marquee Hire

The River

arranged by Angela Fecher and Mary-Lou Kellaway St Elizabeth's Church sponsored by Skirmitt Mechanical Services


arranged by Rosemary Gallon sponsored by The Boutique and Vicki Bond

The School 

arranged by Susan Mason and Barbara Smith sponsored by the Stationery Depot

A Pedestal

Arrangement by Marion Gurney sponsored by Villa d'Este

The War Memorial 

arranged by Jean Little and Anthea Messum Cookham Dean WI

Spring. Summer, Autumn and Winter

Spring and Winter arranged by Brenda Copas, Summer by Janet Fisher and Autumn by Noah's Ark. Summer and Autumn were sponsored by Jeff Ark Engineering & Metal Pressing Ltd

An Arrangement 

arranged by Doris Moore supported by Martin and Pamela Reed

The Medical Centre and Chemist

arrangement by Mary Pickett sponsored by James Smith Associates

flower25.jpg (26177 bytes)

The Blacksmith

by Yvonne Saunders sponsored by Crawford Engineering Services Ltd


Arrangement by Gill Thompson supported by Partners in Pewter

wpe46.jpg (47689 bytes)

Farming - past

Arrangement by Iris Butterfield Bourne End Flower Arrangement Society sponsored by Richard and Mary Simmonds

wpe44.jpg (35481 bytes)

Farming - present

Arrangement by Dianne Gill sponsored by Copas Traditional Turkeys Ltd

flower26.jpg (45619 bytes)


Arrangement by Lesley Fulker

flower24.jpg (20107 bytes)

A Pedestal

Arrangement by Mary Fallon supported by Toni Tucker Acupuncture

flower33.jpg (25767 bytes)

The Cricket Club

Arrangement by Doreen Reed sponsored by Reed Executive Services

flower34.jpg (45579 bytes)

Our Church and Sunday School

Arrangement by Sherry Smith sponsored by W J Webb & Son

flower30.jpg (43573 bytes)


Arrangement by Gill Townend and Sarah Randolph Sponsored by Gill Townend Garden Design

flower32.jpg (18068 bytes)

The Village Club

Arrangement by Anita Davey supported by Landmark (Marlow) Limited

flower35.jpg (30141 bytes)

The Village Pub

Arrangement by Pat Isherwood sponsored by Uncle Tom's Cabin

flower31.jpg (35916 bytes)

Cookham Voices

Arrangement by Chrissy Rosenthal and Ann Danks sponsored by Cookham Voices

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