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Trouble Getting into the Arts Club Exhibition?

20 August 2003

(With thanks to Timmy and Lynda Mallett)

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Have you been to the art exhibition yet at Pinder Hall?  and you couldn't get in? Try going round the side entrance 'cos they're still putting in the new loos round the front!

artexi16.jpg (40815 bytes)

What a lovely exhibition

The 350 exhibits are brilliant and the visitors very appreciative.  Lynda Mallett said "I want a painting like this Timmy. Can't you paint something proper like this please?"
artexi17.jpg (38468 bytes)

 I want a painting like this

Meanwhile Billy took a last look at himself watching the boats at Cookham Reach. It's been bought by the Blades family of Wargrave.... "you'll have to paint me again dad..."
artexi18.jpg (31402 bytes)

 Look, it's me

Martin Mallett found some bargains in the unframed section.  
artexi19.jpg (36512 bytes)

What a bargain!

The exhibition is on until Bank Holiday Monday. A cracker, especially the wonderful sculpture of Mozart at his piano.
artexi20.jpg (17628 bytes)

 Amadeus, I presume

artexi21.jpg (43801 bytes)

 Not Just Paintings

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