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Cookham Arts Club Spring Exhibition

12 March 2005

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Cookham Arts Club have organised a special exhibition and sale of their art at the Pinder Hall this weekend.  This is slightly different from the annual exhibition in that if any painting is purchased the buyer takes it immediately rather than waiting until the end of the exhiibition. Luclily there are some others to fill in the gaps, but by Sunday there may be quite a few spaces.

Brian Weavers selection of 3-D pictures   Something Completely Different

There was an amazing variety of art types and also subjects, scenes of France and UK were aprticularly popular although there were flower paintings and also some which were completely different.

Joanne Nicholl's Beautiful Paintings

Particularly popular was a group of four paintings in bright, primary colours of single figures in a geometric shape. 

Sheila Webb's Popular quartet

Partners in Pewter had a display of photo frames in all sizes, all of which had some extremely attractive designs.

Partners in Pewter's Photo Frames

The exhibition is from Friday 11th March until  Sunday 13th March 2005. 

Beryl Taylor's Painting of Holy Trinity Church

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