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Cookham Society Votes for New Chairman 

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(16 March 2008)

The Cookham Society held its AGM on Thursday 13 March 2008 in a packed Berkshire suite at Moor Hall. David Ashwanden who has been chairman for five years had decided to stand down and hand over to someone else. As David said there had been quite a lot of activity while he was chairman the latest being a reply to the Cookham Plan, which David went through and showed the results of the questionnaire. 

David Ashwanden the outgoing Chairman of the Cookham Society

David also said that the Cookham Society were looking to pay for some sort of memorial or project that could be financed by the Cookham Society. If any one has any ideas let the Cookham Society know   

Cookham Society Members sign in to the AGM

The meeting finished off with the voting for the new committee, there were a few changes and of course a new chairman was standing. 

A packed Cookham Society AGM held at the Chartered Institute of Marketing

The result was that Georgina Kilner, who has been a stalwart on the Committee with Poundfield, flooding and also standing on the Marlow Maidenhead Passenger Association. Georgina has just stood down from the MMPA and the Cookham Society are suggesting that people join the Association and stand for the committee. Everyone who stood was voted on to the committee. 

Georgina Kilner, new chairman of the Cookham Society

Before Georgina thanked the members, one member stood up and requested that the new chairman should guarantee that she would not act in the way she had at the Parish Meeting at the Pinder Hall on 11 March when she addressed the audience on Poundfield. Another member said that she had read in the press that accusations of cowardice had been made against the Parish Plan committee.  Georgina then took the microphone and thanked everyone and said that she stood by what she had said at the Parish Meeting, but she would support the Cookham Society to the very best of her ability.

There were then refreshments for everyone and the opportunity of chats with people who see each other at AGMs. For more information on the Cookham Society visit their website at 

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