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Children's Art Exhibition Commemorates Spencer

(7 June 2001)

The Cookham Society's annual Children's Art Exhibition had a special slant this year. It was produced in conjunction with the special Gala Concert at Holy Trinity Church which commemorated Spencer's love of music. The Children's Art Exhibition had paintings, drawing and cardboard sculptors all relating to Sir Stanley Spencer's work and Cookham. The exhibition had been put on by the Cookham Society, with support and help from the Stanley Spencer Gallery and Becky Pinnegar, not to mention the amazing effort from the children and teachers of the various schools that exhibited.

Becky Pinnegar with two visitors to the Exhibition which was held at Ovey's Farm

The exhibition consisted of work from Cookham Rise and Holy Trinity Primary Schools in Cookham. Also the children from Courthouse School in Maidenhead had visited the Stanley Spencer Gallery recently and their after school painting club produced scenes of Cookham for the exhibition.

   The Scarecrow by 5 year old Millie Lenton from Cookham Rise School

'The Scarecrow' inspired 5 year olds at Cookham Rise Primary School to make collages of scarecrows. They also made 'Brian' a full scale Scarecrow that welcomed visitors to the exhibition. Brian was named after Brian Kitchener the caretaker at Cookham Rise.

  Brian the Scarecrow made by the children of Cookham Rise School

There were also an interpretation of two of Spencer's Regatta series of paintings, 'Conversation Between Punts' and Dinner on the Hotel Lawn'. They were made at a workshop held during the Cookham Trinity Festival held in May 2001. They were made by a wide range of people aging from 6-60. Participants drew the figures and dressed them as they chose.

"Dinner on the Hotel Lawn"

7 to 8 year olds at Cookham Rise had done bowls of 3D flowers, inspired by Stanley Spencer's flower painting or 'pot boilers' as he sometimes called them. Spencer used to do these paintings as a way of making money rather than some of the religious scenes that inspired him so much.

3D Flowers by Cookham Rise School

The river, which is so much part of Cookham was portrayed. Holy Trinity 10-11 year olds chose a combination of techniques to make a collage representing water.  Cookham Rise 10-11 year old on the other hand had looked more closely at Stanley Spencer's river paintings and interpreted them in their own way. 

The River at Cookham

Apart from 3D flowers there were also 3D depictions of Cookham Village houses and also collages. A wonderful selection of these were of the old houses found in School Lane and the High Street.

Houses of Cookham Village

The Exhibition was a delight to see and had a steady stream of visitors of all ages. Lesley Aston from the Spencer Gallery was thrilled to see such a turnout and delighted at the incredibly high quality content.

Coombe End Cottage in Cookham High Street

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