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Cookham Society Historical Evening a Sell Out 

(27 February 2002)

The Cookham Society decided to have an Historical Talk on Cookham and had hoped that they might get fifty people to come along, but printed one hundred tickets just in case.  They could not believe it when they sold all hundred within a matter of days.  Fred at Cookham hardware was the first to sell out and have another batch.  Joanna the caretaker had put out 120 chairs but it was just not enough.

A packed Pinder Hall

The evening was split into two with the first being a talk from Elias Kupfermann.  Elias is reknowned for his knowledge of Cookham.  Having done his PhD in this area he was able to give a fascinating encounter through Cookham, in spit of his voice being on the point of disappearing.  We visited many of the houses in Cookham, the residents of some, such as Ovey's Farm and Eastgate, were in the audience, which made it all the more interesting.  In addition Kate Swann, who was born in Cookham over ninety years ago was in the front row and remembered many of the people and places mentioned and was able to add to the evening with little titbits of information.

Elias Kupfermann Sooths His Voice with a Glass of Wine

There was a welcome glass of wine, although there was a soft drink for those who were driving.  Along with a large variety of nibbles, all organised by Sally Lloyd Parry who was there with her husband and daughter who were also helping out.

Susan Mahoney and Susie Tremlett both members of the Cookham Society Committee Prepare the Bar 

The second half was a series of anecdotes given by Roger Parkes. Roger talked about the various characters who had lived in Cookham over the ages including a certain Mr Hatch who seemed to enjoy the odd drink and met an untimely death in the pond, no longer there, near Pond Cottage in Cookham Dean.  Also Roger mentioned that the Parish of Cookham had once been owned by George IV, who is well known for his love of gambling.  He had actually lost the Parish of Cookham over the turn of one card to a Mr Bagley of Kent.  Roger also recounted some storiesof the various vicars who had lived in Cookham and the fact that Cookham Dean Church was one of the fastest built churches ever.  Cookham Dean being the home of the Kaffirs and also a fairly rough and ready lot of residents. 

Roger Parkes Gives Some Highly Amusing Anecdotes some of the Characters Who Have Lived in Cookham

The end of the talks was not the end of the evening, as each person had a numbered ticket and there was a draw for a bottle of champagne.  The lucky winner was ticket 150, the last ticket sold.

Each of the speakers was then presented with a bottle of wine and a thank you from the Chairman of the Cookham Society.

The Cookham Society will be doing an Historical Walk as a follow up to the talks on 28 April.  There will only be thirty tickets available and there will be two groups, one led by Elias and the other by Molly Hurley.  There will be a cream tea at Ovey's Farm to finish.

Ticket 150, the Winner

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