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CPRE Children's Art Exhibition

26 June 2004

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The Council for the Protection of Rural England (Cookham and Bisham Branch)  in conjunction with the Stanley Spencer Gallery asked Cookham Schools if they would like to be involved in an art exhibition. 
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And which one did you do?

(with thanks to David Pinnegar for the photo)

The theme was Flowers and Landscapes to complement the Spencer Gallery Summer Exhibition which in turn was linked with the bi-centenary celebrations of the Royal Horticultural Society. It was also to celebrate British Landscape Week. 
The schools involved were Cookham Rise, Herries and Holy Trinity and the work was done by children aged just 3-11 years old. The standard was exceptional with a myriad of different materials used.

Robert Oliver's Study in Green

There were particular flower themes based on Spencer's paintings. A whole panel had been given over to poppies which appeared to be a favourite with visitors. There was also on a panel of sunflowers. In addition there was a fantastic selection of other flowers to look at.

 A selection of flower exhibits

People were so impressed with the quality of the paintings that there was a discussion about taking some of them and making notelets.

A Particular Favourite for a Notelet

There was a continuous stream of visitors of all ages, many of whom had been walking down Cookham High Street and just happened to see that the exhibition was on as they passed the entrance to Ovey's Farm.

A Stream of Visitors

artexh21.jpg (40220 bytes)

Never too Young to Enjoy Art

People had left their comments on Post-Its by the entrance and everyone was extremely complimentary about the enormous effort that had gone into the exhibition and also the pleasure it had given to the visitors.

Compliments Galore

Timmy Mallett had also got involved and had helped the children to use acrylics. Was it Timmy's idea or the children's to have paintings of trains? They must be boys!!

The Marlow Donkey 

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