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A Windswept Boxing Day Games 

(26 December 2003)


with thanks to Timmy Mallett


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The Boxing day games at Cookham Dean was another successful windswept damp morning! 6 teams of ever more younger, energetic, and mad Cookhamites competed for two hours in a variety of barmy games organised by the Kaffirs of Cookham Dean.
One race involved carrying your team members across the course on a plank with beer barrels, while the very popular tug of war saw the Cookham Explorers pull everyone else flat on the muddy ground!
The finale was a mad obstacle course, under the rope, over the hay bales, through the hoops, under the net, head first into the water for a satsuma etc.... Everyone got wet and the cheering crowds made for a fantastic morning. The judges table was smashed to bits in the rush!  Lynda and Marianne spent the afternoon trying to piece it back together!

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The Cookham Explorers

Ready for anything - the Cookham Explorers

Are you board?


Loop the hoop

Oranges and .....

Time to go home, but how do we put this back together?

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