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A Perfect Boxing Day Games 

(posted 27 December 2004)


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It was a perfect blue sky freezing cold Boxing Day Morning - ideal for the annual Boxing day games on Cookham Dean cricket common. 

Ready for the Games

Two hours of mapcap fun reached a highlight with the obstacle course. The madness of leaping over hay bales ...

With a Single Leap???

Definitely a Single Leap!!

... and clambering under cargo nets ...

I think I'm stuck

then dipping faces ....

and in some cases whole bodies into the bucket of floating satsumas was a real crowd pleaser! 
Mike Mather .....

of team Jolly was cheered on by his family - Susan Mather and his mates in the Cookham Wanderers 

The Borlase team were valiant runners up ...
... to Dynamo 5 Elms who have been regular winners since 1986 when the people who lived there started an annual tradition... 

Of course we all had to adjourn to the pub afterwards for some well earned refreshments!

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