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Gravity Grand Prix is Cancelled

(18 August 2007) 

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with thanks to Peter Bartlett

After six months hard work in setting up the Gravity Grand Prix, which was to take place in Cookham Dean on 8th September, it has had to be cancelled. This was devastating news to the organisers, particularly Peter Bartlett who has put an enormous amount of effort into its organisation and had got a lot of support and interest with many teams wanting to take part. The proceeds were to go to the Air Ambulance, who sadly will also miss out.  Peter says:


"I am very sorry to inform you that the planned Gravity GrandPrix has had to be cancelled.


Unfortunately, a local resident has objected to the road closure because they are having another event on the same day. Although we believe there was no conflict between the two events, the family has remained firm in their objections.


We felt that we did not want the good name of the Kaffirs to be besmirched by confrontation with the residentís family, so reluctantly we have had to cancel the GrandPrix.


I appreciate that this is a disappointment to many people. I have personally championed this event at my own expense for the past six months and I thought that I had everything covered. Sadly I didn't, and for that I apologise.


In particular, I apologise to:


The teams who have spent so much time, thought and money building their creations.

The Air Ambulance, which will not be receiving the sponsorship." 

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